Support Staff

Mike Giannini

Mike GianniniMike Giannini was awarded statewide recognition in 2010 for his performance over 20 years and his leadership in Emergency Medical Research. The State Emergency Medical Services Authority presented him with the annual EMS Cross Award.

Mike became interested in EMS as a young man when “Emergency!” was a popular prime-time television show in the 1970’s. In 1978 he completed his EMT training and worked in Marin and the South Bay for a private ambulance provider. In 1980 he completed his paramedic education at Stanford University Hospital and went to work as a paramedic in San Jose. At about the same time, he became a primary instructor for the EMT program at Skyline Community College.

In 1983 he was hired as one of the first paramedics for the Ross Valley Paramedic Authority. Soon thereafter he transitioned into the Marin County Fire Department when staffing transitioned to them as a contract provider to RVPA. He currently holds the rank of Battalion Chief with the Department and serves as Emergency Medical Officer and the Public Information Officer.

Mike received a commendation from the Marin County Board of Supervisors in recognition of his statewide award and career achievements in February of 2011. Among many other accolades, it stated “…Nelson Mandela once said, “A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. There is no doubt that Mike Giannini has used both to forge one of the strongest EMS programs in the State of California…”

Dr. Mark Bason-Mitchell

Dr. Mark Bason-MitchellMCFD/RVPA/SMEMPS Medical Director

Dr. Mark Bason-Mitchell is the Medical Director for MCFD, SMEMPS and the RVPA. Dr. Bason-Mitchell enjoys working with the fire agencies to continue to improve the level of care provided.

Dr. Bason-Mitchell grew up in Menlo Park and worked as an EMT before attending medical school in Chicago. He did his residency in emergency medicine in Los Angeles at USC and has been at MGH for nine years. He and his family live in San Francisco but he also spends “countless hours” in Marin hiking and riding his bike.

Liz Froneberger

Liz FronebergerCQI Director, Corte Madera FD

Liz Froneberger received recognition in 2010 from the Bay Area Chapter of the American Red Cross with the annual Act of Kindness and Philanthropy Award. She is a Nurse and a contract employee through Kaiser for the CMFD Paramedic program who provides review, evaluation, and training. She was nominated for the award by the Marin County FD for her work to vaccinate all firefighters in Marin County for H1N1 when it was not otherwise possible.

When the vaccine first became available, it was in limited supply and the County prioritized those most vulnerable. First responders come into contact with sick people on a frequent basis, and were at increased risk for contracting and spreading the disease. However, they were not among the initial group to be vaccinated. This motivated Liz to find a way to get it done. She was able to obtain a supply of the vaccine and took it upon herself to see that every firefighter who needed it received it. She did most of the injections herself at several locations around the County. “This is just one of many examples of the things she does personally and professionally to serve our department and community,” said retired Corte Madera Fire Chief Roger Sprehn.