About Us

RVPA Board 2013

The Ross Valley Paramedic Authority (RVPA) is an example of communities working together to deliver a vital life-saving service in a cost-effective fashion. Advanced Life Support paramedic care is a service above and beyond routine ambulance transport. The RVPA, in essence, brings the hospital emergency room to the patient.

Our paramedics are trained and equipped to provide advanced, life-saving care wherever it’s needed, 24/7/365. Our medics get to the scene within minutes when, in critical situations, it can mean the difference between life and death. Medical intervention is provided at the scene and the patient is then transported to the emergency room in our state-of-the-art ambulance transport units.

RVPA’s Board members and the on-duty Paramedics from RVPA’s Medic 18 ambulance and Corte Madera’s Medic 13.

The RVPA is a firefighter-based, paramedic life support program. Thanks to this partnership, fire and paramedic crews arrive within moments of receiving a call for help and work together to treat the patient and stabilize the situation. Because this service is delivered by your fire agencies, you can be assured that our primary mission is to provide the highest level of quality service and support to the members of our communities.

To deliver even higher levels of emergency care, the RVPA now provides training and financial support so that paramedics are now not only assigned to our ambulance transport units, but also are positioned strategically in fire stations across the Ross Valley region. This further reduces the response time to deliver critical care and increases the chances for the patient to make a full recovery.

We are proud of the advanced emergency medical care that we provide and we are equally as proud of the lasting partnership that was formed in the Ross Valley so that we can effectively serve our communities. We appreciate the support you have given us and we look forward to serving you well into the future.